The Pratt County Commission Monday, Dec. 24 meeting has moved to Friday, Dec. 28 at 2 p.m.

Because of Christmas and New Years, changes have been made in the Pratt County Commission meetings for those weeks. The regular Pratt County Commission meeting scheduled for Monday, Dec. 24 was postponed to 2 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 28 in the county commission room in the Pratt County Courthouse. There will be no commission meeting the week of Dec. 30-Jan. 5.

Pratt County has no registered Red Cross volunteers but that is about to change. Darci VanDerVyver, director of Public Health, informed the Pratt County commissioners that she has started to the process to become a registered volunteer.

The lack of a registered Red Cross volunteer came to light during a recent Red Cross shelter training event in Pratt.

VanDerVyver said members of her staff had recently made presentations at Liberty Middle School on reproduction and teen pregnancy. Staff members will visit Skyline to help with vision and hearing tests in January.

Pratt County Extension Agents Jodi Drake and Victoria Simonsen presented an end of the year summary of activities at the extension department. Simonsen became an extension agent for Pratt shortly before the Pratt County Fair.

Besides the fair, among the activities this year were the wheat variety plot, the tractor safety course and the market wheat show, Master Gardener program and numerous other activities and events besides all the questions they answered throughout the year.

In the Master Gardener program, there are 16 signed up so far for the lunch and learn program where members have lunch while a guest speaker gives information on a variety of topics. The most recent program was a holiday door swag workshop, led by Lou Lynn Moss of the Flower Shoppe, who taught the members how to create a swag with real plants and evergreen branches.

Commissioners approved Brad Swisher, Doug Freund and Rick Shriver to serve another term on the Planning and Zoning board.