Pet photo day at South Fork Veterinary Hospital is an annual holiday tradition.

Thursday was Pet Photo Day at South Fork Veterinary Hospital, 2201 East First Street, following a tradition of providing pet owners with photographs of their costumed canine and feline companions at Halloween and Christmas.

The tradition started about four years ago with the approval of Shan Hullman DMV, who opened the practice in 1990.

Pet owners have a choice of dressing up their four-footed companions or selecting one of the costumes available, courtesy of South Fork staff.

Among the pets arriving for the Thursday photo shoot were cocker spaniels, Max and Molly, brought by their owner Judy Montei. The blonde-and-white cockers were outfitted in Christmasy coats and had over-the-ear antlers to complete the ensemble.

By the time the vet clinic photographer Caleb Hitz, a kennel assistant, was ready to snap the pix, both Max and Molly had decided the antlers had to go and sent the horned headwear tumbling to the floor with just a few tosses of their heads.

Max and Molly were coaxed to look up by kennel assistant Caleb Hitz, who raided the treat jar on the counter several times plying for their cooperation. To an onlooker, it seemed that the pair were on to the fact that if they didn’t cooperate, they would get a treat.

According to clinic staff, the day was considered an overall success.

All told, close to 35 pets were caught on digital film and pet owners were provided with a free 4x6 color photo. The final count included a rabbit, along with the dogs and cats.

“South Fork staff, including Dr. Hullman and Dr. Annie Weber, enjoy providing this special event in appreciation to their clients,” receptionist Gina Roberts said.

South Fork will be closed for Christmas on Dec. 23, 25, 29 and 30.