Kelly Garretson retired after 42 years in the banking industry.

Kelly Garretson gave some serious thought to playing a round of golf Sunday even though the temperature was only in the mid 40s. Garretson received a new set of golf clubs at his retirement reception at Legacy Bank on Friday afternoon.

Legacy Bank recently purchased the First National Bank so that was the bank name where he was vice president for all the years he worked in Pratt. As vice president, he worked with agriculture customers working up operating loans to purchase equipment, livestock, make building improvements and so on.

Garretson began his career in banking in January 1976 when he started working at Federal Intermediate Credit Bank of Wichita. He also worked as a field man for Production Credit Association setting up agriculture loans and renewals and doing inspections of farm operations.

Around 1983, he moved to Council Grove and was the branch manager of Emprise Bank where he once again worked with agriculture loans.

In 2000, he moved to Pratt where he was vice president of the First National Bank that was recently purchased by Legacy Bank. Once again, his work was setting up agriculture loans.

While Garretson has enjoyed his time working at First National Bank, now Legacy Bank, he said it was that first job he had in banking at Federal Intermediate Credit Bank of Wichita that really set his life’s course.

“That was the best job I ever had,” Garretson said.

Garretson said he got interested in banking when his sister-in-law worked for Production Credit in Colorado Springs. That job inspired him to get involved in the banking business and helping people plan their lives.

Having spent 42 two years in the banking business, Garretson said it was a unique job because the customers become his friends. Farmers are a great set of people and work hard. It’s those relationships that make the job worthwhile.

“That’s what make you come back,” Garretson said.

He said he would miss the people the most now that he is retired. His job is unique. He gets to help people with their plans and helps get to build their futures and operations. Then he gets to watch it happen and that is a rare thing in the business world.

“Not a lot of people get to do that,” Garretson said.

Garretson said there are no plans to leave Pratt now that he is retired. As for his new free time, Garretson said he will definitely keep busy. There will be the normal things around the house and in the community, more travel and playing a lot of golf are on his list. After all, he said, people can’t stop doing things just because they retire.

“You just can’t do nothing,” Garretson said.