For the third time in January, Pratt firefighters were called to a residence in Pratt for a carbon monoxide issue.

For the third time this month, Pratt firefighters were called to a Pratt res- idence to check on a car- bon monoxide issue.

Wednesday afternoon, a carbon monoxide detec- tor went off at 921 Lawrence. The home own- er left the house and called for assistance. Pratt fire- fighters checked the house and discovered elevated levels of carbon monoxide just high enough to set off the detector, said Pratt Fire Department Capt. Dan Decker.

A Kansas Gas Service employee arrived on scene and found the stove in the kitchen was not burning fuel efficiently. The gas to the stove was shut off and the carbon monoxide quickly dispersed. The home owner will have to get the stove repaired or have it replaced, Decker said.