Pratt County resident will have to start process to close county road.

A road closure in Pratt County will have to be initiated by the county resident wanting the road closed.

Doug Freund, county road and bridge supervisor, informed Pratt County Commissioners that Joe Berry wants to close NW 60th Street between NW 70th and 80th Avenues.

County Counselor Bob Schmisseur said anyone interested in closing a road can file a petition to start the road closing process. County commissioners can authorize a road closure themselves without a petition but in this case, the commissioners agreed that Berry will have to start the process.

Freund said there were one or two other land owners that would be effected by the road closure but neither would have to cross anyone else’s property to get to their own property.

Part of the road closing process includes a public hearing on the matter for adjoining land owners.

Brad Blankenship, Pratt city inspector, presented the completed Ashley Subdivision plat for the new Dollar Tree store coming to Pratt for the commissioners signatures. The new store will be located just north and east of Maurices and Hibbett Sports and will share a driveway with them. The new $1 million building is just under 10,000 square feet and should be complete some time in May.

New radios for the county road department and new bunker gear for firefighters are on the top of the wish list for county department heads.

Tim Branscom, county emergency manager, said the department heads had reviewed their wish list for 2019 and decided the radios and bunker gear were the top priorities on the list. Mike Tibbetts, county communication specialist, said the road department radios were 20 years old and were no longer serviceable. Schmisseur said in the event of a disaster, those radios become a public safety item and need to be replaced.

Bunker gear has an expiration date and the several sets will expire in a month. But it takes about two months to get new gear from the time its ordered so its vital to get the new gear ordered now. Billy Hampton, county fire and rescue chief said he has ordered three sets of bunker gear and will get sizes from other firefighters needing new gear. Tibbetts will get bids for radios for the road department.

Tiffany Ailstock, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program director is searching for an enclosed trailer to haul commodities from Wichita. She is currently using a flat bed trailer to haul commodities and when it rains, the boxes get wet so she needs an enclosed trailer. Other departments have trailers but they are already packed with supplies for emergencies and disasters.

Mark Graber, county IT person, said work on the new county web site was nearing conclusion and the new site would launch on Monday, Feb. 11. The new site should make it easier to find information.

Graber continues to install new equipment that will allow district court on third floor to go paperless and working on the fourth floor courtroom. He is also working on an antivirus program for the courthouse.

Graber is also working on the phone system in all county buildings that will allow for transfer of calls between buildings to be seamless. He is currently validating the phone lines in those buildings. The firewall at the EMS building is also being replaced.

Jason Winkel, landfill manager, reported that the landfill will be going up an- other level.