Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Jeff Schawe and students at St. John-Hudson High School are zeroing in on people least likely to wear seat belts in their town, their parents.

For several years Kansas Highway Patrol Technical Trooper Jeff Schawe has worked together with St- John-Hudson High School students to promote seat- belt safety. Each year, students have been involved with taking surveys of their peers and parents as they drive in and around the school, checking to see if seat belts are worn.

"It's a little bit disconcerting to find that the kids are almost all always wearing their seat belts. That's the good thing," Trooper Schawe said last Friday. "But the disconcerting thing is that par- ents and adults around here still are not wearing their seat belts as they should be. Maybe it's a cultural thing or something. I'm not sure, but the students and I agree, something must be done to get parents and other adults around here to wear their seat belts on a regular basis."

Trooper Schawe said this year, the high school students put their creative talents to work and de- signed a special flyer that they will be placing on cars at school events.

"We are not trying to be obnoxious or create disgruntled feelings," Trooper Schawe said. "We just want people know this is important. Seat belts save lives. Our kids have learned this. It's time for parents to get on board."

The new signs are bright red in color and simply ask that car drivers and passengers wear their seat belts.

"It could be more than a warning next time. It could be your life," the flyer states.

"In the next few weeks we will be stopping people and checking their seat belt status," Trooper Schawe said. "We are not out writing tickets, we just want to talk to folks and remind them to wear their seat belts and give them these flyers created by our kids here in our school district."

The acronym SAFE stands for Seat Belts Are For Everyone.