College graduates get a kick out of driving Oscar Mayer promotional vehicle; stop in Pratt for lunch Monday.

Connor O’Neil and Cady Lowery stopped to have lunch at El Dos De Oros on Monday. While no one knew them, the vehicle they drove into town in got a lot of attention while they were in Pratt.
The pair drive the Oscar Mayer wienermobile and  stopped in Pratt on their way from Liberal to Wichita today. They parked on South Main and while they were eating, people driving by stopped to take pictures or get a closer look. Many took selfies with vehicle in the background.
O’Neil and Lowery are Oscar Mayer hotdoggers. They are official spokespersons for the company and have been hired specifically to drive the vehicle around the region. They visit different cities every week as they get the word out about Oscar Mayer products.
The pair were recruiting  new drivers when they stopped in Pratt. There are actually six wienermobiles and each has two drivers. Drivers are hired for a year from June to June and they have to have a bachelors degree from college. Twelve new people are hired every year. It doesn’t matter what area, they just have to have the degree. Plus, they have to have a very outgoing personality, Lowery said.
Hotdoggers get a salary, a company card and a weekly stipend to cover other expenses.
Throughout their year, they travel all over their assigned area, appearing in parades, festivals and other events.
“Every week is different,” Lowery said.
The pair said they have had a lot of fun doing their job. They use a lot of puns when talking about their duties.
“It’s a coast-to-coast wiener roast to get a better Oscar Mayer hot dog in everyone’s,” said O’Neil.
The famous hot dog on a bun vehicle is made of fiberglass and built on a standard truck chassis. It has a V8, 6 liter, 300 vortex engine and it really moves.
“We haul buns,” said Lowery, who took the job because she loves to travel and meet people.
While its a big vehicle, its not a “wienerbago” they said. They stop to sleep in motels as they travel.
O’Neil said he likes to make people smile and that happens a lot with the 27-foot-long wienermobile. People always wave as it goes by. He said his dad was more excited that O’Neil got the job then O’Neil was.
The wienermobile has been around since 1936 when Oscar Mayer’s son, Carl Meyer, came up with the idea for a traveling advertisement.
Now the six vehicles travel all over the United States and get 187 smiles per gallon, O’Neil said.
Lowery and O’Neil are both graduates of the University of Missouri and are currently headed that direction. Online applications are open until Jan. 31, O’Neil said.
To learn more about the wienermobile and to check out the application process visit