Dillons store employees and customers are chipping in to make Valentine's Day special for nursing home residents in Pratt and surrounding communities.

Residents in Pratt and area nursing home facilities will benefit from a special Valentine’s Day project, courtesy of Dillon's customers and employees.
Dillon's employees are currently selling paper roses as part of the Heart 2 Heart Carathon program, The paper rose notes will be accompanied by real long-stem roses to be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day next week.
So far, more than 623 roses are schedule for delivery to all nursing home  facilities in Pratt as well as in Stafford, St. John and Cunningham, said Sheila Lowrie, Dillon's corporate affairs manager.
“The flowers will bring a little unexpected joy. That’s why it is so special,” Lowrie said.
Customers participating in the program may purchase the flowers for $3.99 and sign a Valentine’s paper rose to go with the flowers.
The Heart 2 Heart program started in 2012 and since then has delivered over 200,000 roses to nursing home and other facility residents. A Dillon's district manager from another division came up with the idea and it spread to other Dillon's stores.
It is the generosity of Dillon's customers that makes the program work. They open their hearts to make it happen, Lowrie said.
Flowers are delivered to nursing homes, retirement communities, Hospice centers and community homes. Dillon's gets the flowers for the program through their regular vendors.
“We help share a smile with someone who might need it on Valentine’s Day,” Lowrie said.
The program helps lift the spirits of the residents and helps the Dillon's associates too.
“The best part of the program is the smiles you see on the residents faces,” said Sarah Martin, Pratt Dillon's assistant manager.