Extra attention keeps more than 50 clients coming back for bi-monthly foot care options provided by Hermes HealthCare Services at the Pratt Senior Center.

Foot care has become a big deal in Pratt with more than 50 clients ranging in age from 40-plus to 90-plus per session receiving care at the Pratt Senior Center.
Hermes HealthCare workers of Wichita come to Pratt to clip toe-nails, remove heel calluses and provide other amenities approximately every other month.
 “I’m very happy they’re here to give us this service,” said Betty Hoeme, a Pratt client at the January session in Pratt.
Hoeme said the Hermes staff went above and beyond the call of routine foot care to assist a Pratt client with impromptu emergency care when they were in town for the January session.
“A lady came in for her regular visit this month and, because of the wind, she fell into a cement brick close to the door opening and her skin was layered open,” said Hermes HealthCare nurse Sue Harris RN CFSP. “We did care for that area, dressed it, stopped the bleeding and then proceeded to follow her to emergency care where the wound was further addressed. Just one of the many opportunities we have to care for clients in this community.”
Harris, of Kingman, is also a licensed acupuncturist. In her career as a hospital nurse, Harris said she specialized in pulmonary care.
“So I’ve gone from lungs to feet,” Harris said, adding that what she likes most about her work with Hermes HealthCare is that it involves “hands on” care, whereas her work as a hospital pulmonary care nurse was primarily focused on medication and documentation.
“It’s great to get to know people and to actually form a relationship,” said Harris, who joined the Hermes team three years ago.
Pratt is one of 72 locations throughout Kansas where Hermes HealthCare provides services on a 63-day rotation basis, as stipulated by Medicare regulations.
For those enrolled in Medicare, about 80 per cent of the cost is covered and supplemental insurance also kicks in to help with the balance, according to Hermes President Jayne Hermes.
“We are honored to be able to provide services to Pratt and central Kansas. Peripheral vascular disease is largely undiagnosed and can lead to amputation. It’s our mission to prevent complications from peripheral vascular disease and diabetes,” Hermes said
To accommodate several clients at once, the Hermes staffers set up individual work stations.
Hermes said that all of her staff providing foot care are overseen by nurse practitioners.
For first-time patients, there is an extensive protocol for determining any medical issues, which includes the patient providing a complete health history. The session includes sensation tests for neuropathy, which is one of the qualifying factors for foot care to be covered for those enrolled in Medicare.
The initial hands-on care starts by using a Dremel tool to thin nails, if needed, and also to remove heel calluses. Then the clipping begins.
Before and after pictures are taken for documentation, with sessions ending with tips for keeping feet healthy using Crisco for skin PH-matched moisturizing and VicksVaporRub to protect toenails from fungal growth, with take-home handouts provided.
The next Hermes Foot Care session in Pratt will be March 27 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments may be made by calling the Hermes office in Wichita at 316-260-4110.
Additional information about Hermes HealthCare is provided, which began serving Pratt last fall, is on the company website, www.hermeshealthcareinc.com.