Skyline boys basketball teams goes 16-1 on the season with a 77-19 romp over Cunningham on Tuesday. Next up is Pretty Prairie.

In a game where everybody played, the Skyline Thunderbirds overwhelmed the Cunningham Wildcats with a 77-19 victory. The victory gives Skyline a 16-1 record for the season.
Coach Kenny Eddy used a unique rotation of players using all the classes together in three rotations, starting with the seniors then juniors then sophomores. He kept rotating throughout the game to give everyone good playing time.
The Thunderbirds defense was working strong the whole game, taking an 18-3 lead at the end of the first quarter with seven T-Birds scoring. The team then hit 22 points in the second, including five 3-pointers from four players, for a 40-6 halftime lead. In the third quarter, seven T-Birds hit for 25 points and a 65-16 lead at the end of the period. There was a running clock in the fourth and the Thunderbirds scored 12 to just three for the Wildcats for a 77-19 final with 12 of 15 T-Birds scoring in the game.
The format provided a pretty good mix of players. It was a little bit of fun mixed with frustration when things didn’t click as usual. Some had to play other positions then usual but they adjusted and did well.
“The did whatever I asked them to,” Eddy said.
The team was very efficient around the rim. The man-to-man defense has always been effective and worked well Tuesday. But Eddy had the players back off on pressing and that was a challenge for the team.
“We didn’t press at all. It’s tough for our guys to hold back,” Eddy said.
Eliazar Carrasco played well and led all T-Birds with 15 points. Eddy said he was proud of Kyle Hampton’s performance. Hampton scored four points for the T-Birds.
“He did a lot of things we were working on and handled the ball well,” Eddy said.
Next up for the Thunderbirds is Pretty Prairie. Skyline won the first meeting this year that was the third game of the season. Eddy said the team is solid and well coached. The team is kind of young but they will play tough.
“They’ll give us everything we want,” Eddy said.
The key to the Pretty Prairie game is for the team to execute and to be where they need to be without fouling.
As a team, the Thunderbirds had sixteen 2-pointers, twelve 3-pointers and went 9-13 from the free throw line.
Scoring: Eliazar Carrasco-15 points with six 2-pointers and 3 free throws. Cade Swonger-13 points with two 2-pointers and three 3-pointers. Sam Fisher-9 points with one 2-pointer, two 3-pointers and 1 free throw. Ryan Adams-8 points with one 2-pointer and two 3-pointers. Mark Schmidt-8 points with two 3-pointers and 2 free throws. Jackson Wallace-7 points with two 3-pointers and 1 free throw. Kyle Hampton-4 points with two 2-pointers. Nik Montgomery-4 points with one 2-pointer and 2 free throws. Steve Fisher-3 points from one 3-pointer. Tom Sturgeon-2 points off one 2-pointer. Erik Ghumm-2 points with one 2-pointer. Colby Shriver-2 points with one 2-pointer.