No injuries occurred, but Pratt City Firefighters had their work cut out for them Thursday night when they had to climb three stories to extinguish a chimney fire.

A Pratt home suffered very little damage after a chimney fire Thursday night at 523 South Oak. When Pratt firefighters arrived at the house just after 7 p.m., fire was coming out of the top of the chimney, said Pratt Fire Chief David Kramer.
Getting to the fire was a bit of a challenge. Firefighters had to use several ladders to get to the top of the chimney on the roof of the two story house. Access to the roof was done from the outside where the top of the chimney was about 30 feet off the ground. When they reached the top, the firefighters had a very active fire in the chimney.
“There were a lot of embers and fire coming out” Kramer said. “It was very hot.”
The fire was so hot, firefighters could not use water but relied on a dry chemical extinguisher. If they had used water, it would have cooled the bricks down too quickly and might have cracked the chimney.
The brick temperature right at the roof line was about 180 degrees and it was probably hotter than that, Kramer said.
When the fire was out, the contents of the chimney and stove were removed and place in metal buckets. The chimney just needed cleaning, Kramer said.

An accumulation of creosote appeared to be the cause of the fire. The home owner said the chimney hadn’t been cleaned out in about a year. The house had a wood-stove type heater. That type of heater doesn’t burn fuel quite as cleanly as other styles of fireplaces, Kramer said.
There was an accumulation of material with creosote in the fireplace that lead to the fire. The homeowner said they had not had any problems with the chimney until the fire.
The fire was contained to the chimney and there was very little damage other than a little odor of smoke in the house, Kramer said.
Firefighters stayed on site for about an hour to allow the chimney to cool down and not a threat to start burning again.
Firefighters also responded to a fire call Thursday morning in the 600 Block of Terrace Drive but it turned out to be a false report.
A resident in the area saw sunlight reflecting off a yard spinner and thought it was a fire.