Franklin County Emergency Management officials said the winter weather has not caused too much of an uproar in the county the past week.

“We have been business as usual,” Thomas Winter, assistant Franklin County Emergency Management director, said. “We have not had anything major going on.”

He said people heeded the warnings to stay of the roads as much as possible and taking precautions when out on the roads.

Winter kept county and city officials up-to-date on the weather predictions throughout all the winter storms.

“We maintain close contact with the National Weather Service,” he said. “I send out updates area wide to give them an idea of what is to occur for the county.”

Winter advised that if a person has to walk on ice, they should walk like “penguin,” which is having legs slightly bent and walk flat-footed and extend the arms for balance. Keep your center of gravity over the front leg and point the feet out slightly.

Winter said the eastern part of the county was hit the hardest with the snow and ice.

The county did have to close portions of two county roads, Winter said. Kentucky Road in the 1100 block is closed as is the 2600 block of Idaho Road. Winter said the county normally does not close roads because of ice.

“We are going to push on the side of safety, he said.

Any county road with hills could also see slipperty conditions, such as those like California Road just outside of Williamsburg.

Winter said those traveling county roads this week will encounter another problem — mud.

“We have had warmer conditions,” Winter said. “The roads are going to get real sloppy here shortly.”

Temperatures are expected to reach the low 40s today and 50s on Wednesday and Thursday.