Locks were cut by vandals at the Zoom Self Storage unites on South Main in Pratt, but no official information indicates that items were taken at this time.

Vandals have broken locks and burglarized some units at Zoom Self Storage, 701 South Main Street, according to business owner Guy Forell of Alva, OK where his company, Zoom Properties, is headquartered.
“We’ve had very few problems, but there were a few incidents in the last couple of months, starting in mid-December,” Forell said. “When there are break-ins, it’s generally a sign of economic times.”
Pratt Police were called to investigate on some occasions, a spokesman for the department said, but reports were not readily available.
Forell said he has provided new locks for some of the 43 units at the Pratt location, replacing bolt locks with disc locks.
“Disc locks are nearly impossible to break with bolt cutters,” said Forell, whose company purchased the Pratt business in April 2014 and also has a Kansas facility in Kiowa, along with Oklahoma locations in Alva and Guthrie.
Vicky Maechtlen, Pratt Real Estate, is the local manager. She said she did not know what or if any items had been taken from the storage units, though some renters were looking into the matter. No official reports have been made to the police department of missing items at this time.