Attending a city commission meeting was fun experience for Pratt area Boy Scout member.

Pratt Mayor Doug Meyer gave a special welcome at Monday’s Pratt City Commission meeting to audience member Jude Nelson, who was attired in full Boy Scout regalia.
Nelson, a member of Troop 201 led by Dave Schmitt, said attending the meeting was part of his work toward a Citizenship Badge, which he will add to the 42 badges he has already earned as a Cub Scout.
“I learned that the meeting was very organized and informative and very friendly,” Nelson said.
Nelson was accompanied by his father Chris Nelson, who heads the Information Technology Department at Pratt Community College.
As part of the Citizenship Badge requirements, Nelson will write a report to present orally to his Merit Badge Counselor Ted Loomis.
Following the meeting, Nelson was asked if he would like to sit in the Mayor Meyer’s chair.
“Sure,” he said, beaming ear-to-ear.
Asked about his future Boy Scout aspirations, Nelson was quick to reply, “Eagle, definitely.”
Boy Scout of America members may chose to earn more than 135 merit badges that pertain to sports, crafts, science, trades, business, civic organizations and future careers.