Help for veterans with questions is available every second Tuesday of the month in Pratt.

Pilar Cordes, MPH is visiting Pratt regularly on the second Tuesday of each month to offer assistance to veterans in the area. Cordes, a Veterans Services Representative is at the Municipal Bldg from 9-12 and welcomes those with questions or needs to come see her.
Cordes said that the three main claims she assists veterans with include:
1. Compensation- this is where the veteran applies for disability compensation due an injury or illness suffered while on active duty in the military.
2. Non-Service Connected Pension- this program is a needs-based financial program where the veteran may apply for financial assistance from the VA if his/her allowed medical expenses exceed a portion of their income. Honorable War-time service, income and asset limits do apply.
3. Survivors Pension- this program is another needs-based financial program where the widow/widower of an honorable discharged War-time veteran, whose economic standards meet guidelines, may apply for assistance from the VA.
Other VA programs she can help with include:
1. VA Healthcare Enrollments- veterans may enroll in VA healthcare with the local or another VA clinic of their choice. This is limited to veterans; family members are excluded.
2. Burial Claims- surviving family members or the person who is responsible for the veteran’s final medical and funeral costs may apply for a partial reimbursement of costs.
3. Headstones- eligible deceased veterans may be furnished a VA headstone/ marker if buried in a private cemetery. Family members are not eligible.
4. Grave Marker/ Medallion Applications
5. DD-214 request
Cordes, a veteran herself, represents the Kansas Commission On Veterans Affairs Office. Many programs and benefits exist to military veterans. Some are offered through, private organizations, as well as the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA). Although most benefits are well known, still there are benefits that some veterans may be unaware of.