Smoke detectors did their job and awoke a Pratt County family in time to escape their burning home just after midnight Tuesday morning, but the rental house is now unlivable.

Friends and neighbors were on hand Tuesday morning to help Mathew and Marci Wooster salvage items after an early morning fire Thursday, March 7, gutted the second floor of their home in northwest Pratt County. The rental home is located  just south of NW 80th Avenue and 80th Street.
All four members of the family, which includes two young children, got out of the house safely, but the entire second floor was gutted and the roof is now completely gone. There was substantial smoke and water damage to the downstairs of the house but some items were salvageable, Mathew Wooster said.
The fire started upstairs but Wooster said they had no idea what started the fire just before midnight on Monday.
He said there were no unusual smells or sounds and nothing out of the ordinary had happened with the electrical system prior to the fire. The first indication of a problem was when the smoke detectors in the house started going off.
Fire units from Byers, Iuka, Pratt County and Cullison responded to the fire. The Pratt County ladder truck was used to attack the fire from above. Wooster said it really made a difference because they were able to get water down onto the roof. Firefighters were on site until around 5:30 a.m. Thursday checking on hot spots and making sure the fire was completely out.
Wooster offered thanks for all the firefighters who responded and helped put out the fire.