Artistic creations from more than 20 student art classes at the Vernon Filley Art Museum was on display earlier this week in Pratt.

The annual student-art showcase at the Vernon Filley Art Museum on Monday featured a wide variety of projects, from string art to oil paintings, from Christmas cards and hand trees to colorful vases of flowers. If it seemed like there was more to see than usual, there was.
"This is the first year we had an extended session time," said Museum Associate Anna Woods. "These are art projects from classes held all the way from September 2018 to February 2019."
Woods said that an estimated more than 200 people took part in art classes offered by the museum in Pratt, and held in the Ace Building or at Park Hills Country Club. There were more than 20 different classes offered and they drew in participants from Pratt and beyond.
"I think the farthest we had people drive in was from Wichita," Woods said. "But we had many from Pratt and from all the surrounding communities."
Most all classes were filled to the limit, but Woods said the creative lettering class filled up the fastest and reached maximum enrollment before some of the other offerings.
"Creative lettering was taught by Miranda Hacker and we had not had that one before, so I think people were quite intrigued by it,"Woods said.
Local teachers taught many of their specialties, while some classes had teachers coming in from other locations. Another popular first-time offered class was that of string art.
"We try to offer a wide variety so as to appeal to as many people as possible," Woods said. "Some ideas come from our art teachers, other are requests made by visitors to the museum. We get ideas from everywhere, really."
Profit from class fees goes toward continued exhibits and instructionals offered by the Vernon Filley Art Museum.
The next round of art classes will begin in May 2019.