A little sun, comfortable temperatures and a cat on a leash, why not?

It was a nice day to take a pet for a walk on Saturday. Diana and Raymond Sandburg did just that and took Sadie Jo, their 9-month-old cat, for a walk in Pratt’s Sixth Street Park. The sun was shining and the outdoors air was finally more comfortable after weeks of freezing temperatures and howling winds.
It’s not every day one sees a cat on a leash but Sadie Jo enjoys getting out of the house and the leash is the only safe way for that to happen, according to her owners. They took advantage of the nice day in Pratt, Saturday.
She travels at her own pace and runs ahead or behind, depending on distractions. Sometimes she gets tangled in her leash, but is learning.
She does okay depending the amount of traffic and if there are any dogs out, Diana Sandburg said.