Pratt Community Concert Association performers The Jersey Tenors were a hit on Wednesday.

It was another great evening with the Pratt Community Concert Series as The Jersey Tenors wowed the audience with a wide repertoire of songs ranging from Italian opera and Frank Sinatra to Frankie Valens and Whitney Houston. The show featured several outfit changes to fit the style of music being performed.
All in all, it wasn’t just a show but a taste of Jersey culture. While the foursome ventured outside the boundaries of the Garden State, spending a little time on the West Coast with some Beach Boys songs, they kept returning to their roots, particularly Frankie Valens and the Four Seasons.
These guys had a knack for playing their Jersey roots to the fullest. Perhaps the best example of this was the story told by one JT member of how, when he was a teenager, he often went into a place famous for its hot dogs, Rutt’s Hut Hot Dogs, and there was this group of older guys who sat in a back, dark corner of the place, talking and laughing about who they were going to “off.” And one day he got invited to sit with the group when they noticed he was listening in.
Another fun portion of the program was an audience participation competition that incorporated elements of a solo song that had just been performed, “Shaddap You Face.”
Of course, there was Bruce Springsteen and his quintessential “Jersey Girl,” as well as Jersey bands Bon Jovi and Kool and the Gang, not to mention a nod to John Travolta with “Greased Lightnin’.”
It was a night to show your Jersey Pride, as well as your pride in being an American, when the group sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” also mentioning that proceeds from CD sales go to the Wounded Warrior Project.
At one point, one of the JT’s asked if anyone was from New Jersey or had Jersey roots. Only my wife, Kathie Case, raised her hand, as she lived in Cherry Hill, New Jersey when she was in the second and third grade.