MANHATTAN — Don't ask new Kansas State coach Chris Klieman for a football depth chart just yet.

Not unless you have five months to kill.

As the Wildcats begin their second week of spring practice — they took the last week off while students were on break — Klieman has more immediate concerns right than who is No. 1 or No. 2 at a given position.

"Probably sometime in August," Klieman said Tuesday, when asked about the two-deep. "Really, because we're really not going to scrimmage very much, and depth charts are so fluid.

"I look at it more of who are the 17 to 22 guys that can help you each side of the ball that you know, early in the season. Because you're always going to have another 10 to 12 that you hope help you later in the season."

Before he can even determine who will make up the first and second tier, Klieman has to see the players in action. That began in earnest Monday with the first practice in full pads.

The two pre-spring break session were more about procedure and parameters.

"We knew it was going to be a little rough after a week off, but overall we were really pleased as a staff," Klieman said of the padded practice. "We just got done watching it all and there was good energy, good emotion (and) there was a lot of good carryover.

"Obviously there's some things that they forgot over a week, but the trajectory of how we wanted to practice as far as getting a couple done before spring break (was important) so they could just learn how we were doing things. And now we'll get the ball rolling here for the next three and a half weeks with 12 more practices."

Topeka sophomore Wyatt Hubert, who returns at defensive end opposite senior Reggie Walker, has been encouraged by the early returns.

"The playbook, there's definitely a lot of learning to do right now," Hubert said. "But I'd say the guys overall are adjusting to it pretty well, everybody's picking it up pretty quick and applying it.

"There are a lot of similar things compared to our last staff and our last defense, so that makes it a little easier."

The Wildcats will practice again on Friday, go three times next week and four the last two, culminating with the spring showcase in front of fans at 1 p.m. on Saturday, April 13 at Snyder Family Stadium.

With Klieman bringing in a whole new system and coaching staff, installing the offense and defense have been a priority. But that all should be done before the halfway point this spring.

"We should have most of the install in by practice six, and we just finished practice three," Klieman said. "We had a good amount of time before spring break where we were kind of hammering on, 'This is going to be one, two and three,' because we knew there was going to be a big break between practice two and practice three.

"So we had some walk-throughs (and) we had a number of things where those guys had to be challenged to be sure that they could have some retention."

One player who was particularly eager to get back on the field was sophomore receiver Hunter Rison, who sat out last year as a transfer from Michigan State.

"I can't even explain it man, I really can't," Rison, son of former NFL All-Pro receiver Andre Rison, said with a smile. "I'm just ready to go."

That seems to be the consensus, he added.

"There's a lot of energy, a lot of enthusiasm and people just ready to get after it," he said. "You could tell that coach Klieman's coming in and guys are ready to prove themselves, even though guys have proven themselves last year or the years before that, guys are just ready to get after it."