This Saturday the festival is on at Hudson, including fine-dining at the Wheatland Cafe.

There is a host of activities going on in Hudson on March 23 when the Hudson Community Club hosts their third annual Hudson Flour Festival.
“The Hudson Community Club committee wanted to bring activity to Hudson. What better activity than a festival celebrating what this town is known for, Stafford County Flour Mills and Hudson Cream Flour,” said Barb Alpers, activities chair.
There will be plenty of opportunities for cooks to show off their skills in two divisions, one for adults 18 and older and a youth division for 17 and under in the Hudson Cream Bake Off. Categories include cookies, specialty bread, quick bread, yeast bread, fruit pie and bread sculpture art.
Each entry must be made with Hudson Cream Flour and prizes of $25 for first, $15 for second and $10 for third are given in each category. Prize winners will be announced at 12:45 p.m. at Hudson Community Hall.
A unique category is bread sculpture art. This is a new category in the county and state fair. The Festival is a chance for 4-Hers to practice their baking skills for the fair, Alpers said.
In bread sculpting, dough is formed into a shape that can be a thing, person or place and then it’s baked. One previous entry looked like a dog. Others resemble a coffee ring or other shape. It’s up to the baker what design they want to use. Multiple entries are allowed.
Another category that focuses on the wheat and flour produced in Hudson area is the photography contest. Each photo has to represent wheat or some kind of wheat product, including the different phases of production like planting and harvesting.
This is the third year for the festival and the number of photo entries is increasing. The first year, photographers weren’t used to preparing a photo for the festival. Now, with a couple of years experience, more photos are taken when wheat is growing or ready to cut and entered in the festival, Alpers said.
“We’re trying to focus on the product that is raised around here,” Alpers said.
Other activities include games for the entire family, mill tours, that are very popular, and a special speech presentation. A fifth grader and 4-Her, Weston Peterson, will give a speech on flour.
Children’s activities include making play dough and paint out of flour. A feed trough is filled with wheat and children get to play in it.
“Even though we live in the country doesn’t mean everyone is agriculture savvy,” Alpers said. “It’s exposure to what farmers do around here.”
The Wheatland Cafe will sell homemade cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy, bierocks, pig in a blanket that all comes in a single or full meal deal with dine in or takeout available.
A chance to win a Wheatland Cafe Sunday buffet is available online with instructions on how to enter.
The weather forecast for the weekend is calling for rain. It rained the first year of the festival and there was a mix of light snow and rain the second year. Maybe the festival should be scheduled four times a year when rain is needed, said Alpers with a laugh.
The focus on the festival is on people and raising awareness of local farming products of wheat. The Community Club will continue to grow the festival and get more people involved.