The Skyline school district  is preparing for an accreditation visit from the Kansas State Department of Education. The team will be on campus from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Thursday, March 29. This is part of an ongoing process for district accreditation Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers told board of education members at their March 11 meeting.
The district has applied for two new classroom vocational series on pathway medications and health sciences. They had also applied for a ONEOK grant for use on the school garden, Flowers said.
On the legislative front, Flowers said Senate Bill 61 was good but the Kansas Supreme Court wants it to be adjusted for inflation because the way it is now, it comes up about $270 million short. Right now, inflation in the bill is flat across the board and the attorney working for the school districts thinks it should be stair stepped. Flowers said she thinks more is coming on this bill and believes school districts will be asked to vote on it.
The district has approved bids for two projects. $106,000 was approved for roof work on two sections of the building. Also approved was $130,000 for the purchase of new playground equipment. Roof repairs and playground equipment installation are both scheduled as summer projects, Flowers said.
Blatner Energy donated $3,000 towards the new baseball and softball programs at Skyline this spring.
High School Principal Herb McPherson said the 22 students took the ACT exams and 63 took the Work Keys exams. It was the first time Work Keys had been given to the students and McPherson said he was surprised how well they did.
Middle school and grade school Principal Diane House said summer school will be 10 full days. It will be broken into 20 sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours. Classes will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
In the 2019-2020 school calendar, the first semester will end before Christmas break, parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled earlier in the year, work days are scheduled on specific days, there are fewer half days than last year, Flowers said.
The board approved retirements, resignations and contracts: retirement-Cindi Christensen as food service director after 26 years; resignation-Chris Sanders as head high school baseball coach, Zeke McPherson as assistant high school baseball coach.
Contracts approved: Zeke McPherson-head high school baseball coach, Hagen Turner- assistant high school baseball coach, Andrew Nation as head high school football coach, Kenny Eddy as assistant high school football coach, Lori Anschutz-head high school volleyball coach, Darci Poland-assistant high school volleyball coach, Mike Neifert-head middle school and high school cross country coach, Pam Lucas assistant middle school and high school cross country coach, Zeke McPherson-head middle school football coach, Hagen Turner-assistant middle school football coach, Lori Anschutz-head middle school volleyball coach, Kim Lee-assistant middle school volleyball coach, Kim Lee-high school cheer coach, Angie Tobin-middle school cheer coach, Kenny Eddy-conditioning coach, Andrew Nation-athletic director.
The district is purchasing a new washer and dryer for $1,500 that will probably go into the custodial area.
The heater in the locker rooms went out during the tournament.