The old Ford wasn't running quite right for a Sawyer man on Wednesday, but luckily firefighters were close by when flames erupted.

Sawyer firefighters made quick work of a pickup fire southeast of Sawyer late Wednesday morning. Roger Short was trying to get his 1971 Ford pickup started when he noticed a glow coming through a hole in the pickup cab floor. He raised the hood and discovered a fire by the fuel pump, Short said.
The fire was just a mile and a half from Sawyer so firefighters were on scene in just a few minutes and quickly had the fire out. The fire in the engine compartment was contained to the fuel pump area and one tire. Some CRP grass also caught fire but only a few square feet were burned. Firefighters stayed on scene for several minutes to make sure all the hot spots were out.
Short said the pickup had been running well but last night it died and he couldn’t get it started so he went back to try to start it again Wednesday morning and that’s when the fire started. Short and the firefighters were not injured in the fire.
A Pratt County Sheriff’s officer and Sheriff Jimmy White also responded to the fire.