Southwest Elementary School in Pratt was evacuated Thursday when a gas smell was detected. Several hours later the all clear was given and no gas leak had been found.

A test of natural gas lines revealed no leaks at Southwest Elementary Thursday morning after the building was evacuated when teachers reported an unusual odor in the building.
The teachers reported the odor to Southwest Principal Jason May who decided to evacuate the building, said USD 382 Superintendent Suzan Patton.
Students, faculty, administrators and staff evacuated to various locations around the edges of school property and 911 was notified. Pratt Fire Department quickly responded to check the odor and remained on a standby basis. Employees of Kansas Gas Service were also quickly on scene.
Clay Greiner, Pratt supervisor for Kansas Gas Service, said they used their testing equipment throughout the entire building and got no readings for natural gas.
Greiner said the odor smelled like sewer gas that