The Barron Theater marquee has been through a lot since the theater opened in 1930. Almost 90 years of Kansas weather extremes, a hail storm or two, blistering heat and frigid cold have all worn away on the paint and neon tubes that make the sign a unique feature in Pratt.
Restoration plans now underway include removing all the old neon tubing, the fluorescent lighting and electrical connections and replacing it with all new materials, said Tim McFall, a retired glass bender for Miracle out of Wichita. Miracle restores neon signs.
A Miracle crew was in Pratt this week and carefully removed all the neon tubes so they can be referenced for the new tubes that will take their place. The process of making the new tubes should take about three weeks, McFall said.
It a couple of days to remove all the old tubing and remove all the electrical wiring and sockets. McFall said since they were not the company painting the sign, they didn’t know when everything would be finished and the marquee would lit up again.
Much of the electronics