Quilting has been therapy and became a joy for Glen Davis of Pratt.

Pratt resident Glen Davis’ quilting hobby has become a life passion he shares with wife, Joy, that allows them create unique items that are both practical and works of art.
Davis interest in quilting started with an interest in family heirloom quilts. His grandmother had a quilt with family members signatures on the blocks. She presented him with a quilt when he graduated from high school and taught him how to sew on an old treadle-type sewing machine, purchased at an auction for 25 cents, Davis said.
His late wife Jan’s grandmother also made quilts and Davis said that is what got him interested in quilting. Davis and Jan got started making quilts after they took a quilting class at Pawnee Heights School in Burdet in 1992. Davis would piece the material then take it to two sisters in Stockton who would do the quilting. After he moved to Pratt, he took his pieced quilts to St. John to have the late Barbara Wilson, who had a long arm quilter, do the quilting.
When Davis’ first wife Jan passed away in 2005 when they lived in Smith Center, quilting became therapy for Davis after her death.
Quilting played another important part in Davis’ life when Rita Phillippe came to his house to buy a car and saw a Texas Star quilt he was working on. She told her friend Joy Kahmeyer, who is a quilter, about the encounter. So Kahmeyer called Davis and asked him if he was willing to share fabric stock. They met and Davis decided to ask her out. Their first date was to the state fair to look at quilts. Eventually they married and continued working on quilts together.