Working with the right people is a key to any successful business. That is one of the elements of success Sue Peachey spoke about to  Pratt Community College students when she was honored as the PCC Boyd Davies Executive-in-Residence on April 10 at the college.
Peachey, who owns Peachey Insurance in Pratt, shared her journey through 23 years in the insurance business with the students and how important it was to know and work with good people to make the business a success.
She told the students her keys to success were to work hard, build the business, believe in yourself, pass it forward when someone helps you to help someone else and keep good people around you. Peachey said she has been blessed and she has worked to share those blessings with her church and her community. She said God is good and always good.
Part of her speech was dedicated to recognizing her staff. Several times during this portion, Peachey had to pause as she was overcome by emotion.
Part of the loyalty she has established with her customers is taking the time to care about not only about their insurance but them as well.
“You make a heart connection,” Peachey said.
Many students in the PCC business program were in attendance and after Peachey’s speech, she took questions from the audience.
Her answers included it takes a good boss for a business to succeed. One that is kind to the employees and appreciates their work will go far.
The insurance industry customers are  often under stress and the stress of the business can be overwhelming. Peachey said she has to take care of other families and then, to relieve her own stress, she has to get away. She has had many vacations and feels blessed to have the opportunity to travel.
“You have to take time to be happy,” Peachey said.
Peachey, who worked for the land bank, said she decided to leave the land bank and start her own business because she needed a change. She was doing a lot of work and wasn’t getting compensation for that work.
Through her years of getting started and staying in the industry, it has been the loyal customers that stayed with her and carried her all the way to today, Peachey said.
Through the years, the insurance industry has gone through changes but the biggest impact on the business has been the Internet and social media when it comes to contacting people, Peachy said.
In world dominated with technology, Peachey said word of mouth is still the best way to get new customers in the door. They pay for a lot of advertising in the media but it is the conversations in the coffee shops that brings in the new customers.
As for the most difficult issue facing the insurance industry at this time, Peachey said cyber attacks, not only on insurance but all businesses, is the scariest thing she has to deal with.
Peachey insurance is located at 115 South Main in downtown Pratt.
The Boyd Davies Executive in Residence award was started in 1988 by the PCC accounting and business department to give their students a chance to interact with a business person or persons and to learn about their business experience.