Skyline board of education members heard from Kansas State Department of Education deputy commissioner Brad Neuenswander about school redesign at their meeting Monday.

Changing education ideas that have existed for decades is a challenge facing Kansas schools.
Brad Neuenswander, Kansas State Department of Education deputy commissioner, addressed Skyline faculty, administrators, Board of Education members and student families during a visit to the school on April 8.
Neuenswander said a challenge was how to personalize education for each student and how to get the students to understand it.
While schools have a high level of commitment to instruct students, some levels are not as high as administrators and teachers think, Neuenswander said. Schools need to insure that students get the academic rigor to go where they want to go in life. Every student has to figure out their goals and what they want for a career and redesign also has to cover that as well.
How schools do that for every student is part of what schools are learning as they take on redesign, Neuenswander said.
Another challenge is to use redesign for more personalized teaching but still maintain the necessary math and science skills required to pass college entrance testing scores on the ACT.
The School Redesign Principles include:
• Student Success Skills: An integrated approach to develop student social-emotional growth.
• Family, business, Community Partnerships: Partnerships based on mutually beneficial relationships and collaboration.
• Personalized Learning: Teachers support students to have choice over their time, place, pace and path.
• Real World Application: Project based learning, internships and civic engagement makes learning relevant.
It’s hard to make all this work because this is changing education systems that have been in place for decades.
“Getting there is the clunky part,” Neuenswander said.
Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers said the more people who share this information, the more will understand what Redesign and Skyline are trying to do.
Following Neuenswander’s information session, the Skyline Board of Education held their monthly meeting.
Flowers said representatives from Kansas Education Systems Accreditation were on campus and Skyline is on track for accreditation approval. One thing KESA did request was more data.
Grade School Principal Diane House said they had a great Pre-K and Kindergarten meet and greet plus the fifth graders enjoyed their day on the farm.
Flowers said she was still researching costs for a sign for the school and for paving and taking care of pot holes. Installation of new bleaches on the visitors side of the field should begin the first week in May and work on the roof is scheduled to start once school is out.
The calendar approved for 2019-2020 has school  starting Tuesday, August 27, and the year ends on Tuesday, May 19, 2020.
The Board approved a contract with Chris Sanders as high school assistant softball coach.
Two resignations were presented and approved by the Board: Judy Koehler resigned as elementary school teacher effective May 23;  Darci Poland resigned as high school assistant girls basketball coach.
The Board approved the following classified staff contracts for the 2019-2020 School year:
Dave Schmidt-business manager, Amy Swonger-7-12 secretary and accounts payable clerk, Wendy Burgardt-pre-K-6 secretary, Michelle Domsch-Board clerk and superintendent secretary, Heidi McKennon-school nurse, Cescha Hoffman-teacher’s aid, Lexie Maloney-teacher’s aid, Tiffany Zimmerman-teacher’s aid, Stacie Tharp-teacher’s aid, Lacey Robinson-teacher’s aid, Lawana Robinson-pre-k teacher’s aid, Brooke Hammond-pre-k teacher’s aid, Karen Kumberg-gifted teacher’s aid, Sara Eubank-ESL and 7-12 intervention aid, Michelle Bair-LC supervisor 7-12 intervention aid, Jaimee Browning-food service director, Betty Young-food service employee, Starla Davis-food service employee, Bennie Hayes-transportation director, DeeAnn Gigstad-bus driver, Ashley Brown-bus driver, RoseMarie Freitas-bus driver, Samuel Lowe-bus driver, Brian Atteberry-bus driver- Kristina Kasselman-bus driver and custodian, Robin Brown-bus driver, Cyndi Jones-custodian, Mary Robinson-custodian, Chantel Owen-custodian, Richard Meyer-custodian, John Myer-maintenance director, Linda Bishop-accompanist, Mike Neifert-lunch supervisor.