Orange net and pipeline activity in Pratt side-streets and alleys is bringing new coated steel lines to several residences and businesses this month.

Employees of Northern Pipeline (NPL) have been replacing old bare-steel gas piping with new green-coated steel lines throughout Pratt for a few weeks, working mostly in alleys and side-streets out of citizens' way.
"I've had some complaints from people who have had to move their trash carts to the front of their homes for pickup, but other than that it is going pretty smoothly," said Russ Rambat, Pratt Public Works Director. "People have had to change their routines a bit, but it is all for a good cause."
Lionel Taylor, Kansas Gas Service Inspector, was on the job Wednesday, measuring lines and pinpointing service hookups based on information from city maps.
"It was just time to get these gas lines replaced," Taylor said. "Some of these lines were put in place in the 1950s, others go all the way back to the 30s, so it is time."
Work is currently underway from Eighth to Fifth Street a half block west off Main in the alleys there. A section at Ninnescah and Oak has already been completed, while more work will continue between Main and Ninnescah.
"Nobody will be without gas service," Taylor said. "We are laying this line in right next to the old one and are welding the taps in now to connect homes to service."
Taylor said the old lines will remain in place but will be disconnected when the new lines are welded in place.
The new gas pipeline will hold 14 psi, which is 26 inches of water column, according to Taylor. The entire project in Pratt city limits should be finished in a month.