In a meeting that mirrored similar events taking place across the world on Thursday, May 2, Ron Moser, Pratt Regional Medical Center Chaplain, led a prayer service at 10 a.m. under the PRMC flagpole as part of the National Day of Prayer.
"We are gathered in the name of the God of love, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior," Moser said in litany. "Only You alone can forgive our sin, heal our wounds and bless our land with righteousness."
Praying for different segments of American influence were other leaders in Pratt, including Brian Atteberry, Army National Guardsman; Jennifer Stultz, Pratt Tribune Editor; Terry Gatlin, Gatlin Pharmacy owner; Stephanie Becker, PRMC Dietician; Rev. Mike McGovney, Pratt/Cunningham pastor; Brenda Moser, local grandmother of six; Lisa Hart, Insurance Marketplace representative; Doug Meyer, Pratt Mayor, and Tim Branscom, Pratt Emergency Manager.
In addition to offering prayers for local, state, national and world institutions and people, the group of more than 20 sang several songs like "America the Beautiful," "God Bless America," and the "Star-Spangled Banner."
The theme for the 2019 National Day of Prayer was "Love One Another." National Day of PrayerPresident Ronnie Floyd said that the vast majority of America understand America is broken. And they understand that God is the only one who can fix it.
Several Pratt area churches joined together in another worship and prayer service organized by Abundant Harvest Church of the Nazarene at the Front Porch as part of the National Day of Prayer. Singing and fellowship ensued.