Terry and Michelle Gatlin and six staff members at Gatlin Pharmacy are spending this weekend packing and moving their business from 112 North Main Street to its new home in the Pratt Medical Arts complex at 420 Country Club Road as owners of Gatlin Medical Arts Pharmacy.
“We’re blessed and happy for the opportunity to buy into such a successful pharmacy,” Gatlin said. “This is an opportunity that doesn’t happen just every day.”
Gatlin said negotiations for the purchase have been in the works since last fall when the pharmacy marked its first anniversary in the 3,700 square foot space that the Gatlins purchased and remodeled and which they will keep for now.
The new quarters they are ready to occupy are  smaller than the building they are moving from, but Gatlin said it would not be a problem for the busines.
Plans for the move have been in the works since last August, according to Gatlin, when Cody and Allison Freeze, previous owners of Pratt Medical Arts Pharmacy, sold out to a management group.
Some snags along the way, including the government shutdown last December -January put the purchase on hold for a time.
The Gatlins applied for and were approved for a Small Business Administration loan and Gatlin said his local banker helped them navigate through the masses of paperwork the application entailed.
“It would have been done in a shorter time, but we had to go through all the hurdles,” Gatlin said.
Also, to qualify for the Small Business Administration Loan, Gatlin said he had to be approved for a $1 million life insurance policy.
Gatlin described the qualifying medical ordeal that accompanied the SBA loan application.
“They did a 12-lead EKG on me, right in our pharmacy break room,” Gatlin said. “All that high school cross country paid off.”
Gatlin said they will keep the same staff in the new location and also retain their original phone number 620-770-8008. Business hours will be 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. weekdays and by appointment on Saturdays.
“We’ll still have free delivery,” Gatlin said, “and the location is convenient to doctors and has ample parking.”
Medical Arts Pharmacy Pharmacist Brittney Johnson will join the Gatlin team, along with delivery driver Sue Jones, according to Gatlin.
“Sue and Brittney will join us in our pledge to deliver personal service to our great customers,” Gatline said.
They plan to be open Monday in their new space.