For the past five weeks the Pratt High School baseball team has been taking on a leadership role for some children in the community by hosting a baseball camp.
They hosted a total of five camp days every Wednesday starting on April 5 and going until May 2. The team mentored a total of 66 kids, boys and girls, from 6-14 years old. They were taught some fundamentals that are important to the game, as well as learned some new drills the high school team does during their practices.
“Hopefully, the kids learned some fundamentals/drills that we teach our high school kids and got kind of an idea about how we do things, and also got a chance to get to know some of our players,” said the baseball head coach, Ron Hill.  
Not only did the kids who attended learn something new, but the high school players also got something out of it.
“It was great for our guys to see the value of helping younger players and realizing that people actually do pay attention to how they handle themselves on and off the field. I would love to take the mentorship idea further in the future,” said Hill.
Hill said he wanted to thank the parents who brought their soon-to-be high school players to the camp.
“Thanks for letting your sons and daughters spend some time with us, truly enjoyed the opportunity,” he said.