A dog bite in Pratt that could have been prevented by better care on the part of dog owners, perhaps?

This is a story about one bad dog, two coyotes, and a roadrunner. But mostly, it’s about dangerous dogs in Pratt.
Two or three weeks ago my wife was walking back home down (on Champa Street north of Maple) when a dog ran out and bit her on the calf, breaking the skin. Prior to this bite, my wife and I frequently walked by the home where the dog was usually tied out on a cable, typically barking aggressively as we walked by.
She told me what happened the next day. She wasn’t going to do so but confessed as we were walking by that same house the next day. We called the police and, after taking her information, the officer informed Kathie that the public health department would be contacting her about this. For several days, no one could get the owner of the dog to answer the door, so nothing could be done. Finally though, after doing a little research, my wife determined who the owner of the dog was and reported this to the public health department. The woman was contacted, and the dog was put into home quarantine for 10 days. Unfortunately, the dog owner was four months late on the dog’s annual rabies vaccination. Fortunately for my wife, it was determined that the dog did not have rabies.
What did we learn from this experience? 1) Dogs should not be tied up outside, as, I believe, it tends to make them more aggressive. 2) Pepper spray might be a good deterrent for any future dog attacks. Subsequently, we both now carry a canister with us when walking.  
The dogs are out there, folks, and, unfortunately, too many are tied up in front yards, like the one which made us change our course last night while walking back home from the post office; that dog literally had the run of the sidewalk. So, fellow Prattans, if you must tie up your dog outside, please do so in the backyard, away from pedestrians and cyclists.
On a positive note, within less than a week, I saw two coyotes cross the road in front of me. The first coyote ran across Highway 281 as I was headed up the hill just south of town. The next coyote sprinted across Highway 61 between Pratt and Natrona. In both instances, I was within less than a hundred or so feet by the time the dog had crossed. Both canines appeared to be health with no mange apparent. It must have been a good winter for them.
Also, a road runner crossed 281 on that same hill just south of town as I headed south last Sunday.