New book by J.J. Wenrich teaches kids how to invest and save their money.

A California investment specialist with  Pratt connections has published his first book, ‘Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and Lessons for Grown-ups.’
Forty-one-year-old author J.J. (Joseph John) Wenrich CFP® grew up in south central Kansas and often spent summers and holidays in Pratt with his grandparents, Bud and Mary Wenrich, now deceased. Wenrich recalls as a youth going out with his granddad to check on wells for his oil business and he also recalls helping his Uncle Tom Wenrich, now an established Pratt realtor and auto dealer, at his filling station on U.S. 54.
“The kid has always been sharp and an over-achiever,” Tom Wenrich said. “I’m very proud of him.”
Wenrich’s maternal grandmother Martha Strong, formerly of Nashville, also currently makes her home in Pratt, as do his aunt and uncle, Ned and Bonnie Albers.
Wenrich said he resigned from his professional investment career last February to focus on completing and publishing the book sto share his two decades of experience with the goal of helping pave a path to success for others.
Following graduation from Andale High School in 1996, Wenrich earned a bachelor’s degree in business from the Kansas University, Lawrence, in 2000.
Now at home in San Clemente with wife Jodie and their two sons and daughter – Max, 14, Henry, 12, and Annabel, 11 — Wenrich said a key element in investing is to remember, “Stocks follow earnings.”
Wenrich said when he broached the idea of leaving his job to devote fulltime to the book, Jodi agreed, “Let’s run with it.”
The Wenrichs already had been running for almost a decade with the concept of introducing their kids to investing.
“Before they even started school, I challenged them to save some of the money that came their way through allowances and gifts,” Wenrich said. “I told them if they could save $500, we would match it.”
When they did, Wenrich helped them with the investing process, which for minors under age 18 involves establishing a custodial account.
“We were teaching them how to save and how to think like a business person,” Wenrich said.
The author said his 202-page hardback book is targeted for adults as well as  teens, citing a 2016 study by financial services company Northwestern Mutual which showed that 85% of Americans reported feeling some level of anxiety around money.
“According to the study, a majority said there were negative impacts on their health, social lives and careers,” Wenrich said.
“That’s really what ‘Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and Lessons for Grown-ups’ is about,” Wenrich said of the book that has been a work-in-progress for about a year and a half.
“I spent 20 years as a professional investor, teaching clients how to invest. This is the same conversation, just with kids, parents and grandparents,” Wenrich said.
“My goal with this book is to educate the general population in a way that can be passed to younger generations for years to come,” Wenrich said. “I use stories and lessons from my own life experiences to simplify the stock market and basic investing in a way that anyone can understand. In writing this book I wanted it to be both educational and entertaining.”
Wenrich said Jodi has become his equal partner in the process of getting the book from his idea stage to bookstores, both online and retail, which, he said, has so far amounted to “somewhere between a $100 and $50,000 investment.”
Release date is May 28, published and distributed by Hopeful Hill Press, San Clemente, CA, ‘Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and Lessons for Grown-ups’ will be available online at Amazon, I-Tunes and Kobel, priced at $29.99 with ebooks also available at $9.99.
Books may also be purchased in bulk for education, promotional, and business purposes, Wenrich said.
Additional information about ‘Teaching Kids to Buy Stocks: Stories and Lessons for Grown-ups’ is available or phone (913) 687-6978. There is also a Facebook link on the website.