An abrasive surface somewhere in the Pratt pool seems to be causing hurt toes.

One of Pratt's popular places for summer fun has been shut down as of Monday, June 10 because rough edges somewhere on the bottom of the city pool are causing hurt feet.
"We've had complaints from kids who have small cuts on the bottoms of their feet when they get out of the pool," said Pratt Public Works Director Russ Rambatt. "Their feet don't seem to be bleeding when they are in the pool, but when they get out there is some blood on the bottom of their toes."
Last year the sides and bottom of the Ellis D. Kinney Swimming Pool were repainted and there were no issues of cuts or hurt toes all summer. Rambatt said the reason they were shutting down the pool this week was so that it could be drained the contractor who worked on it last year will come an examine the surface to find the problem.
Pratt City Pool manager Dee Hill said the pool will be closed for about a week for maintenance work.
Pratt Swim Team practices and swimming lessons have moved temporarily to the Park Hills Country Club swimming pool.