The bottom of the Pratt public pool has been sanded, power washed and painted.  Painting is ongoing in the baby pool and along the top of the sides, and after a 5-day cure period, the city crew will begin filling it back up with water for summer fun.
“It’s really still kind of a mystery as to what caused the problems here,” said City Pool Manager Dee Hill. “But we are pretty sure we have gotten all the possibilities taken care of and look forward to getting back open for the kids.”
The Ellis D. Kinney Swimming Pool was closed Monday, June 10, after several complaints were noted about rough edges cutting the bottoms of toes in the swimming area.
Hill said toddler lessons would start Tuesday, June 25, the target reopening date, and would carry on as planned.  All swim lessons missed from June have been rescheduled to July 8-12.
“We are making room for some larger classes but we are looking forward to getting all the kids back in the pool,” Hill said.

Pratt Public Works Director Russ Rambatt said he would start filling the pool late Friday this week and keep a close eye on it over the weekend.

"Everybody has been very understanding about this. I'm confident we will still have an excellent summer down there," he said.
On June 25, an adult swim is scheduled for noon, then the general public may swim starting at 1 p.m.