Pratt school gets ready to implement 'Farm to Table' garden program.

Gardening and an oil and gas company are coming together to provide a new activity for students at Skyline.
Skyline has received a ONEOK public school grant that the school will use to develop a “Farm to Table garden project,” said Skyline Superintendent Becca Flowers at the monthly Board of Education meeting on June 10.
Staff will start the garden this summer and when the students return in the fall, they will take over the care of the garden as well as harvesting and selling the crop, Flowers said.
The food will be sold at school events and if there is an abundance of food, they will contact the farmer’s market to sell at Merchant’s Park.
The garden project is getting a late start and Flowers said she didn’t know how much produce they will have to sell.
Besides the ONEOK grant, Skyline staff are in the process of applying for other grants as well. Among the grants they are working on is a Safe and Secure Schools Grant that the school would use for additional security cameras and monitors and to update the safety equipment they already have.
A Mental Health Intervention Grant would allow the district to expand the number of hours of their family success coordinator.
A Teacher Quality Partnership Grant is a cooperative effort to get more teachers in rural Kansas.
A Hazard Mitigation Grant would allow the school to expand the safe rooms in the building.
While they are working on grants that would allow the school to increase their security system, they have posted bids for a security notification system. The system would use finger print recognition technology and if an alarm was activated any where in the building, it would automatically notify the administration and alert local law enforcement.
“This system would really enhance communications in the first few minutes of a crisis,” Flowers said.
As part their response to the Kansas Education Systems Accreditation push for school districts to expand early childhood education, the district will expand their preschool program to include three year olds, Flowers said.
In other Board activity: The Board has approved the resignation of Kim Ghumm as teacher and tech coordinator.
The Kansas Supreme Court finally ruled in favor of the Legislature’s education bill and the Skyline budget process is now underway.
The installation of new playground equipment is now scheduled to start sometime in July. The installation has been delayed because of rain.
The district is purchasing a new server for their computer system. The current server can’t handle the current computer demands, Flowers said.
The board approved the regular end of year transfer of funds.
Preparations are underway for the regular audit of Board policy.