All is not well for bicyclers who like to ride in Pratt's Lemon Park.

Pratt city commissioners signed several ordinances into action on Monday, but their meeting was dominated by community input conversations on June 17.
Jeanette Siemens and Mike Cummings, life coaches, updated commissioners on the work of the Circles program in Pratt and shared success stories as well as community input.
"We have several graduates of our 12-week course who now are teachers and leaders in the program," Siemens said. "I am so proud of our people and the changes they have made for the better. We become a family. It's a good thing and we like to share that."
The mission of the Circles program in Pratt is to improve the financial status of everyone who participates, through the use of intentional allies, information meetings and Big View conversations.
The program is growing and a new 12-week session will start in July, Siemens said.
Pratt resident Kelly Eastes spoke to the commissioners about two concerns he had, the first to improve safety for bicycle riders in Lemon Park, and the second to address storm alerts and consequential traffic jams at Green Sports Complex.
"I'm recently retired and I love to ride my bike in Lemon Park," Eastes said. "But it's not safe to be on that road when traffic is coming by, we need to widen the road, put in an egress, or establish a bike lane somewhere. Sometimes there is no place to go. If we could at least have a lane marked out we might stand a better chance of surviving the encounter."
Pratt Public Works Director Russ Rambatt said he was aware of the problem but there was not an economical way to fix it.
"It would be very difficult to widen the road with the flooding issues we already have out there, plus it would be very, very expensive," Rambatt said. "We would have to get the flood plain people involved, and my concern, with only an 11' road there, which is bare minimum for some larger vehicles the way it is, there is just not room to take away for a bike lane."
Eastes also addressed storm safety issues recently at Green Sports Complex where he was attended a softball game with his granddaughter.
"We got shut down because of a weather alert, which was good," he said. "The problem was that it took at least 25-30 minutes for us to get out of the parking lot because there is only one way in and one way out. It was a real traffic jam. If that had been a tornado event, we all would have been dead."
Pratt Mayor Doug Meyer thanked Eastes for communicating his concerns with the commission and promised they would look into both issues for some possible solutions.
In other business, commissioners:
* approved Floodplain Management Ordinance 1906, presented by Lola Shumway, which increased freeboard levels from 1' to 2' on any new buildings in city limits
* approved Solar and Wind Generation Facilities Ordinance 1907, presented by director of electric utilities Jamie Huber, which was reworked according to KMU guidelines with an increase of solar application fees from $500 to $1,000, added inspection rights, proof of insurance required and limits placed on the number of solar units allowable in city limits.