Money seized from illegal drug sales will benefit the county attorney's office and the Pratt Police Department.

A criminal case at the Pratt County District Court recently netted a $10,020 forfeiture of cash proceeds for the Pratt Police Department and the Pratt County District Attorney’s Office.
“The felony is still under investigation but the money has actually already been seized,” said Pratt City Police Chief Nate Humble. “A percentage goes to the district attorney’s office and the rest will be used, per statutes, for non-budgeted items for the police department.”
According to a statement from Pratt County District Attorney Tracey Beverlin, total cash assets forfeited this year by the Office of the Pratt County Attorney has already reached $18,300. The cash was proceeds from the distribution of illegal drugs from two separate cases.
The narcotics detection canine Fenrir of the Pratt Police Department has assisted in these cases.
“The dog has been another tool for the totality of these cases,” Humble said. “But our officers have done a great job of getting out there, being aggressive and making the stops. They are to be commended.”