Pratt Area Humane Society has received the gift of a van that will be used to transport dogs from Pratt to other humane society shelters, said PAHS shelter manager April Hemphill.
Stanion Electric was selling a 2000 Chevy Express and had it at Doug Reh Chevrolet for removal of the Stanion Electric logos. Keith Lippoldt works at Doug Reh and is on the PAHS Board. He saw the van and contacted Bill Keller, owner of Stanion Electric about selling van to PAHS, said Monte Matthews, executive vice president for Stanion Electric.
Keller decided to donate the vehicle to PAHS and on June 20, Matthews and Stanion marketing professional Carrie Goodheart presented PAHS with the vehicle and keys.
Hemphill said this was truly a blessing because the Pratt shelter has to have a certain number of kennels available for the city at all times. When the shelter gets full, she takes a load of dogs to other shelters in the area for adoption there. Dogs are taken to shelters in Hutchinson, Great Bend and even Lawrence if necessary. There’s room for  10 kennels in the van.
She had been using her own vehicle for the transfer and it didn’t have much room so she was having to make several trips to complete the transfer. With the van, she can now make the transfers all at once and save time and money.
The van can also be used to transport animals to the veterinarian when necessary.
The van is also air conditioned so the trip is comfortable.
“The air conditioning works very well,” Hemphill said.
The van can also be sanitized much easier than her car, a necessary thing when transporting dogs to a different facility, Hemphill said.
Matthews said donating the vehicle was part of the “give back to the community” culture Keller and Stanion Electric has developed.
Right now, PAHS has 10 dogs and 14 kittens up for adoption. During the summer, the number of cats for adoption increases so the shelter needs to find these kittens some good homes.
Usually, the shelter doesn’t get many dogs during the winter but this year was an exception. But dog adoptions have been steady and three were adopted June 19.
To check on what dogs and cats are available at PAHS, visit their web site or go to Pet Finder. Many out of town people get their pets from Pratt. On woman from Nebraska found her dog there and there have been several from Colorado, Hemphill said.
To adopt a dog or cat, people need to come to the shelter and spend some time with the animal and get to know it. They need to fill out an adoption application and there is a $10 fee that goes towards the total cost for adoption. Dog adoptions are $100 and cats are $30.
All PAHS dogs and cats have been spayed or neutered and a micro chip has been inserted.
Adopting a pet is a long term investment, at least 10 years so an individual or family needs to carefully consider that before making the commitment. Besides the adoption costs, there are also food, supplies and veterinarian costs, Hemphill said.
Other considerations are the size of the house, other pets and interaction with children.
Because this is a serious investment, PAHS does not do same day adoptions. This gives the person or family time to consider if they have everything they need for adoption.
The PAHS shelter needs lots of supplies to keep the facility clean. Right now, because they have so many cats, they need clumping kitty liter.
Volunteers are also welcome to help walk the dogs, transport dogs to other shelters, play with the cats and if they have technology skills, help update PAHS social media, Hemphill said.
For more information, contact PAHS at 672-6777.