Combines roll as wheat fields dry out, and the crop coming in looks good.

A long wait came to an end Monday for three Pratt County farmers as they watched wheat kernels pour from the combine into a waiting grain truck. On the first day of 2019 wheat harvest, this moment was long-anticipated and the crop coming in looked good for Gary Slief, Danny Quint and Mark Peachey.

Shorter than average stalks and heavy clouds of dust could not diminish smiles as the 63 test-weight wheat filled the truck.

"This is right at 12 to 13 percent moisture," said Slief, who rode shotgun on the combine coming out of the field to unload. "Tomorrow will get real busy around here."

Truck driver Danny Quint said that Monday, June 24 had been mostly a staging day, but getting into the field to cut felt real good.

"It's such a long wait from the time you begin planning and planting until you actually get to harvest wheat," he said. "We were lucky to miss some of the weather right here that other areas got, so we are bit drier than most, very thankful for that."

Quint said Mark Peachey, combine and equipment owner and driver, did a lot of harvesting for farmers south and west of Pratt, and has been doing it for many years.

"He knows what he is doing. For us the long wait is over."

Quint said it was still too early to determine bushels per acre, but from the looks of things so far, it could turn out to be a good harvest.

Several days of predicted high and dry temperatures and blowing wind will likely give many area farmers a chance to get out in the field to cut wheat this week.