Thunderbirds add new stunts, new cheers to their routines.

The Skyline cheerleaders made their way to Butler Community College in El Dorado this past week to attend an overnight camp. They stayed overnight at the camp from June 17 to June 20. The camp was sponsored by KSHSAA and run by the Universal Cheerleaders Association.
The Thunderbirds attend the camp every year to prepare for the season ahead. This year, all eleven of the squad members were able to take part.
While at the camp, the team learned a lot of new things that were specifically geared toward helping them if they attend the Game Day Competition on September 23. Including stunts, chants, and an eleven 8-count dance that was personalized for them.
Even the head coach, Kim Lee, learned some new techniques at the camp.
“I always pick some new things up,” said Lee, “The team worked on stunting and learned new cheers and new routines to bring home.”