An extra day of shooting boosted an extra day of selling.

Lovers of fireworks got an extra day to make more purchases to continue celebrating Independence Day in Pratt County.
The fire marshal allowed fireworks stands to sell an extra day on July 5 and that meant more chances for purchases and more income for fireworks sellers.
Fireworks sales tend to pickup the closer it gets to Independence Day and this year was no exception. At the Reach Church stand in the Knights of Columbus parking lot on North Main, their sales were down some from previous years but there had been an increase on July 3 and 4, said Brady Seidel, Reach Church youth pastor.
Popular items at the Reach Church stand have changed this year. In 2018, they sold out of their bigger “cakes” and big package items. So Seidel ordered more this year to make sure they would have enough. But this year, it was the smaller items that selling out while the bigger items were not selling as fast. The Zap Snaps were a very popular item this year along with Snaps and smoke balls Seidel said.
One item Seidel wanted to try but hadn’t done yet was “Super Dooper” a tall Roman Candle like item that sticks in the ground and has 88 shots.
Reach Church purchases their fireworks so at the end of their selling week, they pack up the leftovers and put them in storage for the next year. The Church also owns the tent so that gets packed away as well, Seidel said.
Stephanie Macias of Wholesale Fireworks said their stand had been very busy on Wednesday and Thursday. They had sold out of some items including their biggest items as well as many of their smaller favorites including Excalibur.
“We’re selling out of a lot of stuff,” Macias said.
Some of their products that were good sellers include Sugar Crush, Samurai, Excalibur and several of their “cakes” that are packages with several shots in one container.
Carlos Linares, Wholesale Fireworks stand operator, said this is the second year they have had a stand at the K-61 location. They were having much better sales than last year when Independence day was in the middle of the week. They also hit a time when many employees had received their pay checks.
Because Independence Day is on Thursday, some employees took a vacation day on Friday to get a four day weekend and that probably helped sales, Linares said.
Wholesale Fireworks gets their product from a supplier and when the selling week is over, they box up everything that is not sold and return it to the dealer. Everything has to be accounted for so if a box is open, every item has to be counted individually, Linares said.
A storm Tuesday night brought lots of rain and high wind to the area. At the Reach Church stand, the storm knocked down the four corner legs and the tent actually came down. Seidel said all the fireworks had been put in the storage trailer and none of their merchandise was damaged.
With some help from Terry Hamilton, the tent was reset and ready to go the next day, Seidel said.
At Wholesale Fireworks, they scrambled to get their tent walls down and the cover on the table on the east side of their displays was blown off but the fireworks were not damaged, Macias said.
The American Legion Riders invite everyone to attend their fireworks display at dusk on Saturday, July 6 at the Pratt County Veterans Memorial Lake.