Bob Kerr | Editor

The Fort Leavenworth Lamp is one of the primary methods for getting information to the Fort Leavenworth community.

Post-approved clubs, organizations, units and activities are welcome to submit items to be published in the Lamp.

Publicity representatives are sometimes puzzled when the “notice,” “announcement,” “ad,” “article” or “news release” they sent in is either changed drastically or not published at all. There are several reasons this may happen.

The audience

First, the Lamp has a limited scope and audience. The Lamp is targeted at the internal Fort Leavenworth audience, not the general public. The internal audience includes military members, family members, civilian employees and retirees. Articles not relevant to a substantial portion of this audience are less likely to be included.

This also means that coverage is pretty much limited to on-post events and the people who live or work on post.

Off-post events are only covered if there is significant effect on Fort Leavenworth personnel, if the event is given special command emphasis, or if there is significant command-authorized participation by military personnel.


The Lamp wants to know the opinions of its readers. Letters to the editor and commentaries are welcome. All letters must be signed and include a daytime telephone number. Names can be withheld from publication, if requested.

When readers express concern over an issue or ask a question, the Lamp staff will attempt to get a response from the appropriate activity to run with the letter.

Non-profit groups

The Lamp staff has no resources to screen non-profit organizations or charity events conducted by private individuals or businesses.

The Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation maintains a list of non-profit and other private organizations and clubs that are authorized to conduct business and have meetings and events on post. Army regulations require these organizations to register with FMWR. Contact FMWR for the requirements for registering private organizations.

FMWR Marketing provides many of the news briefs found in each issue of the Lamp, highlighting FMWR activities and events. Non-FMWR activities can submit material directly to the Lamp.


All material sent to the Lamp is edited or rewritten for journalistic style, grammar, spelling and length. Placement in the paper is determined by the Lamp staff.

All event announcements should include the name of the event, the sponsoring organization, time, date, place and any associated fees. Organizations cannot charge admission to events on post, but some do ask for donations or request a fee for materials.

While most submitted items are edited and published as briefs, they also may become leads for full-fledged stories. If there is additional information that may be useful for an expanded story, include it after the vital “who, what, when, where and how much” information that must be included in every brief. Also include a point of contact and telephone number in case the Lamp staff has any questions or wants additional information.

Other limitations

The publication of the Lamp is governed by the rules and regulations of the Department of Defense, the Army and the command. There are limitations on what can and cannot be published.

For instance, some may think that the Lamp should publish notices that certain companies or businesses are offering discounts or freebies for “military appreciation.” These discounts are marketing promotions and any material promoting a particular business or product cannot be published as it could be construed as endorsement. Army newspapers must be very careful to separate reporting from promotion. Businesses have advertising budgets and can buy ad space in the Lamp.


Paid display and classified advertising is available from the Lamp’s contract publisher, GateHouse Media Inc., whose phone number, e-mail and street addresses are in the Lamp masthead below.

Again, the Lamp staff does not have the resources to check out advertisers.

Anyone with concerns or evidence of wrong doing by an advertiser should contact the Lamp editor and GateHouse Media.

Classified ads

One free classified ad is available per household per week for active-duty and retired service members, family members and civilian employees. The free classified ads are not to be used for business, real estate, personal or employment ads.

Pet, yard sale, personal property (vehicles, furniture, appliances, clothing, etc.) and lost-and-found ads are typical for the free classified ad section. Include a non-duty phone number or, for yard sales, a street address. Don’t use abbreviations in the free ads — spell everything out.

Free classified ads are one-time deals — if the same ad for the same item needs to run again, contact GateHouse Media for a paid ad. The ad will re-run for free if the Lamp staff makes an error.

Free classified ads can be e-mailed, mailed or dropped off at the Lamp office. Ads will not be taken over the phone.


The Lamp accepts submitted photos, but rarely uses them. Digital photos must be at least 5 by 7 inches, 300 dpi.

Photos taken on cell phones are generally not suitable for publication.

Everyone in a photo must be identified — first and last names, plus rank and unit of service members — as well as the date and place the photo was taken.

Army regulations strongly discourage publication of posed group photos, ribbon cuttings, cake cuttings, retirements, awards or re-enlistment photos. The Lamp also rejects photos that contain uniform or safety violations, as well as photos of people smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages.

Instead, the Lamp seeks candid photos of people doing their thing — at work or play. When a portrait is required for an article, the Lamp seeks photos of people in a relevant environment.

Requests for photos can overwhelm the Lamp staff and are handled on a case-by-case basis. Send requests for photos to

Lamp photographers do not provide prints or perform official photography.