Pratt County commissioners voted unanimously to offer the Pratt County counselor position to Tyson Eisenhauer at their July 8 meeting.

A new Pratt County Counselor will be serving the county residents and the Pratt County Commission. At their July 8 Commission meeting, the Pratt County Commissioners unanimously voted to offer the position to Tyson Eisenhauer. Eisenhauer was contacted and asked to come to the meeting where he was told of the offer and immediately accepted.
Eisenhauer will receive $,1000 a month and $100 an hour for his services.
Outgoing County Counselor Bob Schmisseur said he thought Eisenhauer should do the job the way Eisenhauer thinks it should be done and offered to meet with Eisenhauer anytime if he wanted to consult on an issue. Schmisseur said he was pleased with his replacement.
“I think the commissioners made a solid choice,” Schmisseur said.
Schmisseur said he didn’t like long goodbyes. He has enjoyed working with the commissioners. Originally, he took the job as county counselor with the intention of serving from three to five years but ended up serving seven and a half years. He summed up his service with a simple phrase.
“It’s been great,” Schmisseur said.
At the end of the meeting Schmisseur shook hands with all the commissioners and wished Eisenhauer good luck in his new position. He ended with some light hearted advice. Keep the commissioners out of trouble and make them look good, Schmisseur said.
In other Commission meeting activity, Shawn Harding, senior associate and architect for HMN architects presented his findings on the problems with the Law Enforcement Center building that was built in 1976. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed in the building including moisture leakage in the roof, ceiling and windows, a lack of office space, a lack of sufficient electrical wiring to handle all the necessary electronics, a need for more security and a host of other problems and needs, Harding said.
Things have gotten so bad that there is a hole in the break room wall that leads directly to the outside.
Harding is working with Pratt County Sheriff Jimmy White and with Pratt Police Chief Nate Humble on the building evaluation. The LEC contains offices for both departments. White said there is so much that needs to be addressed that it can’t be done all at once financially.
Harding said the sheriff’s office and police department were outgrowing their available space. The entire project will require an extensive amount of work and will be divided into three or four phases. The first phase will be repairing the leaking roof, ceiling and windows. That must be done before anything else is addressed, Harding said.
“I suggest we take care of the envelope before doing anything inside,” Harding said.
The changes in the building will make it much more energy efficient, add additional office space for both departments, more interview rooms, reconfigure the training area, add storage space and eliminate the moisture problems in the building. The front entrance so there is just one door and a couple of public restrooms need to be added, Harding said. ‘
The next step in the process is to get an estimate on repairing the roof. Harding will get the estimate and present it to the commissioners at a later meeting.
Jason Winkel, county landfill manager, received Commission approval to have a landfill loader rebuilt. The rebuild estimate is $218,000 and would basically deliver a completely rebuilt machine, Winkel said.
This would be a substantial savings over a new loader at $400,000. Winkel said he had been putting money aside for some time for the project and already has the money in his budget to cover the cost of the rebuild. The work will be done at Foley Equipment in Wichita.
The County received an excellent report on their annual audit. April Swartz of Varney and Associates CPAS said the county received a clean opinion with no problems, no budget violations, no cash violations and no adjustments were needed. Swartz said everyone was helpful during the audit.