Pratt city commissioners voted to not renew contract of city manager Roy Eckert on Monday.

In a move surprising to some, Pratt city commissioners voted unanimously to not renew the contract of city manager Roy Eckert for the coming year. The vote came at the end of an executive session called at the close of the regular commission meeting Monday, July 15.
"All I can say is that it was a unanimous decision by the commission in the best interest of the city to not renew the contract," said Mayor Doug Meyer.
A press release put out by the city office on Wednesday stated, "As the city moves forward in light of the commission's election not to renew the city's contract with city manager Roy Eckert, the city has appointed Bruce Pinkall to act as interim city manager in the absence of Mr. Eckert."
Pinkall currently serves as Pratt Recreation Director.
Meyer said that Eckert had the option to continue working in the position of city manager until someone new has been hired, but he chose to no longer work in that capacity.
Eckert, former Wellington City Manager, came to Pratt in October 2016, having been selected from 30 applicants for the position of Pratt City Manager.
"We do not anticipate any changes in daily operations of city business," Meyer said. "Bruce is anxious to begin his duties and will serve as interim director until the end of December."
Moving forward, the city intends to commence a search for a replacement city manager at some time in the near future.