Street project could take three weeks in Pratt.

The 100 block west of Pratt’s 10th Street will be closed for about 3 weeks as city crews work to replace and repair damage on the concrete and red brick surface, according to Russ Rambatt, Pratt Public Works Director.
The street in question is just off S. U.S. Highway 281 that is Main Street in Pratt.
“That street gets used pretty hard by some big trucks and heavy traffic,’ Rambatt said. “It’s not built like the average street and the concrete is shifting there that was placed on the edges of the flash base.”
Rambatt said red bricks in that area would be removed and bids had been taken for curb to curb replacement.
“The low bid was awarded to Arensdorf Construction and they want to be finished with the project by August 12,” Rambatt said.
Funding for the project comes from a federal funding exchange program betwen the city of Pratt and the state, specifically to be used for local street repair.