Parkwood Village residents were entertained by four cats and one hamster (and their owners) for the 2019 Pratt County Fair handpet show on Monday.

It was four to one in favor of cats at the 2019 4-H and Open Class Pet Show at Parkwood Village on July 22. The five presenters offered four cats and one hamster before Judge Alicia Boor and Parkwood Village residents as part of the Pratt County Fair.
Participating were lone senior division entry Keesha Humble and her cat Chase, junior division entrants were Alexis Stull with her cat Leeroy Jenkins, Miley O’Moore and her cat Pika, Aaron Lucas with his cat Panther and Cara Riffey with her hamster Cinnamon.
Each entrant shared a little about their pets food, what they liked to do and their quirks. Chase is persistent and likes to get out, Humble said.
Stull said Leeroy likes to make air biscuits, likes to sleep with her and purrs a lot. Pika likes to stare at O’Moore when she is in bed and will come to her when O’Moore is playing the piano.
Panther likes to go into Lucas’ room and hide under the bed plus he likes to get on top of the fish tank, Lucas said. Cinnamon the hamster likes to go through the extensive tube setup at home, likes to go all over the house when out of the tube. Cinnamon likes to sneak out, too, Riffey said.
After answering judges and audience questions, prizes were awarded.
In the Senior Division, Humble received Grand Champion. In the Junior Division, Lucas and Panther took the Grand Champion prize, O’Moore and Pika took the Reserve Grand Champion ribbon, Stull and Leeroy received a Blue Ribbon and Riffey and Cinnamon also earned a Blue ribbon.
Some of the participants in the pet show have competed against each other before. The top two in the junior division shared those honors in 2018 but with opposite results with O’Moore taking the top spot to Lucas’ second place finish.
Boor said she was impressed with how much the presenters knew about their animals personalities and their quirks. They cared about their animals and knew how to take care of them as well.