Pratt County Fire and Rescue responded to small farmyard fire on Monday.

A fire of unknown origin caused minor damage to an R75 Gleaner Combine around 12:30 p.m. on Monday,  July 22 at 184 SE 120th Street.
Zach Dipman was power washing the engine area of the Gleaner and had gotten off the combine when the smell of smoke was detected.
He climbed up on the combine and discovered a fire in the engine area.
He tried to put out the fire while Peggy Bare, who lives on the yard where the combine was being cleaned, contacted 911.
Pratt County Fire and Rescue responded to the scene as they were on their way back from responding to a rollover accident that had taken place near Cairo earlier.
Dipman said the combine had not been running and the engine was cold so he thought there may have been electrical wiring that sparked during the washing.
There was limited damage in the fire area and the exact cause of the fire remains undetermined at this time.