Kami McComb was awarded 2019 Pratt County Fair Grand Champion Market Lamb this year.

The sheep show during the afternoon of Thursday, July 25 at the 2019 Pratt County Fair was crowded with sibling victories. McComb sister Kami and Kodi, as well as Hemphill siblings, Kami and Owen, had a very successful day showing their prized animals.
For the market lamb competition, Kami McComb took the Grand Champion ribbon with her sister, Kodi, winning Reserve Grand Champion. In the breeding sheep class competition, a different pair of siblings won: Kami Hemphill with Grand Champion and brother Owen with Reserve Grand Champion. Both pairs of siblings placed high in the showmanship round as well. For the senior division, Kami McComb took Grand Champion with Madeline Drake earning Reserve Grand Champion. In the intermediate division, Kodi McComb succeeded with Grand Champion and Grace Swindler with Reserve Grand. Finally, in the junior division, Kami Hemphill won Grand Champion leaving her brother with Reserve Grand.
When showing their animals, the showmen had to guide them around the show barn as the judge watched and took mental notes of how the animals stood in competition based on appearance. The judge then walked to each sheep to get a better feel for the animal to decide the ranking and ribbon of each competitor.
For Kami Hemphill, this was one of her many sheep shows. By the end of fair season in the fall, she will have attended over half a dozen shows, so she has had lots of practice. She has been showing her animals since she was very young, and already has had much success as a soon-to-be fourth grader. Her favorite part of the project, she said, is the knowledge she gains from showing her animals.
“I learn a lot,” Hemphill said. “I like when the judges give advice for showmanship so I can work on it for the next round.”
She spent a lot of time preparing her sheep, as she walked them for 30 minutes every night while her pigs were eating.
“I get attached to them from working with them for so long,” Hemphill said.
She has had a very busy week, as she showed goats, pigs, sewing, photography, arts and crafts, and she also entered an educational poster in the fair.